Commercial Plastic Lumber

High Performance Commercial Plastic Lumber Engineered For Your Application


Commercial Plastic Lumber

High Performance Commercial Plastic Lumber Engineered For Your Application

BearBoard™ Commercial Plastic Lumber

Commercial Plastic Lumber

BearBoard™ is the perfect solution for many OEM or manufacturing applications, including refrigeration, agriculture, shipping, artificial grass, site furnishings, fencing and equipment manufacturing. The benefits of using plastic lumber are longer life cycle and lower maintenance costs. It also does not need to be stained or painted and is easily cleaned with a pressure washer.

Our plastic lumber also can withstand extreme environments because it will not deteriorate, crack, rot, splinter, and is impervious to mold and mildew. BearBoard™ also will not leach chemicals and is not chemically treated so there are no harmful effects to the environment.

BearBoard™ uses innovative extrusion technology to combine a mineral-fill compound with high-density polyethylene plastic. This formula allows us to manufacture solid, non-porous dimensional profiles that are extremely durable. Because there is no organic fills, mold and mildew does not have anything to adhere to and nothing for water to decompose. BearBoard™ also can endure prolonged submersion in water and is protected by a limited lifetime warranty.

Our plastic lumber is useful in a wide range of applications. Recommended OEM applications:

  • Refrigeration
  • Agriculture
  • Shipping
  • Artificial Grass
  • Site Furnishings
  • Fencing
  • Equipment Manufacturing (OEM)

Need assistance with BearBoard™ commercial plastic lumber?

We are happy to send a sample of BearBoard™ Commercial Plastic Lumber to your home or office. The samples will be shipped free of charge. Call +1 (800) 480-2327 or request your plastic lumber sample here.

Did you know BearBoard™ is a CMI company?

Did you know BearBoard ™Commercial Plastic Lumber is a part of CMI Limited Co? We continue to serve the United States and Canada with the most durable and dependable premium plastic lumber on the market.

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